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For the last 30 years, Tom Felker’s accountancy practice has spanned the entire breadth of the digital revolution. Tom acquired his firm’s first computer after the first year in business. While he occupied commercial office space in downtown Denver for over a decade, today the front door of Tom’s practice exists online with advanced client portals to a variety of cloud-based services. These services drive the collaborative exchange of business data and client relationships from the west coast to the east coast and from time to time across the ocean to Europe.

You might be wondering: what’s up with our Elephant logo? Did you know that many elephants have been trained to believe they can’t fight the restraint of even a small rope? When they were young they were restrained by big heavy ropes and learned they could not fight the ropes. Over time, as the elephant accepted its limitations, the heavy ropes were replaced by lighter ropes and the light ropes became sufficient to restrain the elephant not because it was weak but because contrary to all reality, it had learned it was not strong enough to resist the ropes. The elephant reminds us to occasionally test our old beliefs and practices against changing realities to maintain productive personal and business lives.

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